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Zurich, Switzerland

Realised in 2023

Client: Private


The house in the Enge district of Zurich was built at the end of the 19th century. The rooms on the mezzanine floor have been used for different purposes over the many years of it's existence. Originally as a shop, then an art gallery and for the last 20 years as an apartment. The floor plan was unchanged from the art gallery. A reinterpretation was due. Everything that was in good condition was preserved, all floors, parts of the kitchen, the bathroom.

With a new inbuilt furniture, the room could be completely restructured, creating a spacious living room, a separate room with plenty of storage space, and a small "réduit" in the entrance area.

All windows and the street-side entrance door were replaced, an energy optimisation.

Photos: Lukas Schlatter

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