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Cafe Martin


Effretikon, Switzerland


Client: Parish St. Martin


In addition to the Kid’s Room, Cafe Martin is another space intervention in the St. Martin Church in Effretikon. A run down foyer was supplemented with a bar counter and the necessary infrastructure to serve as a coffee bar. The twenty-five metre long upholstered bench forms the counterpart to the hard pew on the floor above and is intended to create a place of casual exchange, open to all.

The mobile bar counter can be pushed on castors directly onto the terrace, which is directly connected to the café by new folding-sliding windows.

Folding shutters integrated in the chalk board make it possible to use the already existing catering kitchen for the cafe.

The dynamic wall opposite the bar was fitted with over 200 hooks, which were designed especially for the foyer and produced and installed by the carpenters Stiftung Bühl. This wallpaper-like design serves as a wardrobe and for hanging pictures etc.

Photos: Lukas Schlatter

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